Thursday, January 24, 2008

Joyce, the church worker, and Rick

Joyce, a church worker from the Western Province of Kenya, stands with Rick. Joyce is a displaced person in this Red Cross camp. Joyce is a minister in her church near the town of Eldoret, where another church was burned recently.

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Paul said...

Dr. Shaw, I just read your moving article in today's Plainview Herald and studied every detail of the wash-day picture. I felt like I was there with you and even wished I had been until I got down to the chilling part about the "skirmish." Wow, what a story, among others, I'm sure your children will demand your repeating when you get home. Speaking of whom, I sat by Ben in church Sunday and then got to meet him and your wife after the service. I have a 4th grader grandson, and I noticed an age resemblence. I foreknew instinctively the answer to the two questions I asked Ben: "Are you as smart as you appear to be," and "are you musical?" He answered "yes" to both. Exactly the way my grandson would have replied: openly and honestly. His musicality was evident in every movement of his hands during the singing. His smart? Well, it just showed. He's a diamond, but not in the rough. Just a young one. I'm going to watch him and expect big things from him. I know you are proud of him and miss him (as well as your daughter, whom I didn't get to meet). Best wishes, Paul Lyle