Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Learning about other faiths

One of the most intriguing ventures of our recent Wayland Baptist University Balkan Mission Tour occurred at the central teqe (Sufi Muslim worship space) in Gjakova, Kosova. A very good friend of mine, Baba Rexhepi Mumin Lama is the cleric of this teqe. In the past he helped me extensively with my dissertation research. Baba Lama helped our students understood the basic beliefs of Sufism, especially of the Bektashis. With me in the front row are Denise Hopper, Khrystyne Eckerd, Flamur Gojani, and Duane Gray. Behind me is Taylor Phillips, Melanie Vasquez, Baba Lama, David Enegren, and Micah Evans. Standing behind Taylor is Amber "Desiree" Hamilton, Dot Taylor (mainly hidden), Mary Ethel Wade, Rev. Kevin Burrow, and Doris Ramsay.

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